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We are a traditional family run Butchers. The Laverack family have been on their current site for over 150 years, and the shop has been recently refurbished, in 2009.

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We are well known for our sausages, our Traditional Pork Sausage is certainly the most popular flavour, a recipe that has been passed down generation after generation. We are constantly trying new and exciting flavours in the shop to give our customers something new to try each week.

We have invested heavily in the latest technology in sausage making, ensuring that all of our sausages are made to the highest of standards. See Tim Laverack demonstrating how the sausage filling machine works, here.

Holme Made Packed Sausages



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Our modernisation has allowed us to extend our range of products; our counters are stocked with all the traditional finest cuts of meat, including sausages, home cured bacon and also now stocking a range of prepared products, such as our “Mexican Madness” – Our finest Sirloin steak marinated in a blend of Mexican spices. Or our variety of Chicken specials, such as the “All in One Chicken Roast” – Succulent Chicken Fillet, wrapped in Holme Cured Streaky Bacon Bacon, topped with a Laveracks Chipolata Sausage and coated with sea salt and Lampong Pepper.

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Long before the concept of food miles entered the collective consciousness of consumers the Laverack family were sourcing their ingredients from a trusted network of local suppliers. Ensuring that the furthest the cattle will have travelled from field to fork is seven miles.

Animal welfare is important to us and we do visit farms that are supplying us with meat; over the years we have built up alliances with local farmers who have proven to rear quality livestock, we believe that if an animal has a happy and healthy life this increases the quality of the meat. Many of our pigs are reared at Grove Farm, Melbourne in East Yorkshire by Mr Phil Stephenson. A large proportion of our cattle come from Mr Michael Wildman of North Duffield and the busy Christmas period sees us stocking free range turkeys from Mr Simon Goodhall of Birch Tree Farm, guaranteed quality.

cattle at the farm




We are very proud that Laveracks featured as part of the BBC Programme “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” as a preferred supplier for their meat, it was exciting for us to welcome a film crew and celebrity chefs to the butchers as they made their purchases all filmed for the show. See Tim Laverack with the likes of Gino D’Acampo and James Tanner, recorded from the programme when it aired, here.

tim laverack and gino d'acampo

Local Pub Supplier

We are proud to supply a variety of pubs and restaurants in the area. Including the award winning Star at Sancton, Winner of Best Pub 2011, Remarkable Pub 2012 and Remarkable Taste 2012. Other Pubs and Restaurants that we supply in the area includes, Wolds Village Restaurant at Bainton, The Wellington Inn at Lund near Driffield, the Black Horse at Seaton Ross.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are dining out and would like to know whom we supply.

EBLEX assurance Scheme

We are proud to part of the EBLEX scheme. EBLEX supports fully assured beef and lamb products from farm to retailer through quality standard schemes. Their Quality Standard schemes for beef and lamb, launched in 2005, give retailers high levels of assurance about the meat they buy. Not only is Quality Standard beef and lamb produced to higher standards than required by law, the EBLEX scheme includes standards that positively influence the eating quality of beef and lamb. The additional requirements of their Quality Standard are designed to minimise the impact of animal age on eating quality – providing us as retailers and ultimately, our customers with improved and more consistent product. The key factors of tenderness and succulence are vital to ensure our customer satisfaction.



Butchers Opening Times

Monday: 8:00-14:00
Tuesday to Friday: 8:00-17:00
Saturday: 8:00-12:00
Sunday: Closed