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Laveracks at Pocklington

Our flagship shop in the wonderful market town of Pocklington.

Located only 8 miles from our Holme upon Spalding moor stores we thought Pocklington was the ideal town to place our flagship shop.

Combining what we already have in Holme upon Spalding Moor and throwing it under one roof, opening up both a butchery counter and deli counter we were able to express the same core values in a new innovative way.

Store Details

48-50 Market Place
York, YO42 2AH
01430 860320
(option 2, then 3)

Opening Times;
Monday-Friday 7am–5pm
Saturday 7am-3pm


– Hot & Cold Sandwiches
– Pastries
– Frozen Pastries
– Sweets & Desserts
– Hot & Cold Drinks
– Fresh Bread & Milk
– Fresh Meat
– Ready to Cook Products

The Butchers

When walking by the store you have already been taking in by the butchery department’s fantastic display in front window of the shop displaying large cuts and joints of locally sourced meat.

Within the store we have a fantastic dry ageing cabinet to store our local beef. Ageing Beef is a process that butchers have been doing for generations. We have mastered the art of the dry ageing process with our purpose-built dry ageing cabinet helping us to achieve an outstanding finished product. We age our beef for approximately 35-40days, but we have been known to age beef for as long at 120days for certain customers on request.

Innovation is key to a butcher’s success in this day and age and with the help of enthusiastic staff and forward-thinking suppliers we now produce a range of oven ready products in our grab and go section along with new added value products weekly giving the customer a wide range of things to choose from.

The Deli

Just like Holmemade bakery the products we sell in our Deli counter in Pocklington has proved to be a popular part of our business. Providing customers with freshly baked produce both savoury and sweet and our extensive range of sandwiches, breads and daily specials. It really is a one stop shop.

Our Friday specials have become a regular part of the people’s weekly routine that can always been seen from our Facebook page the day before with an informative TikTok Video.

Our extensive buffet range is also something we provide, whether it is for office parties, corporate events, birthdays, or funerals. We can provide an extensive range of options; click here for our buffet menu.

Looking for a buffet?

We have a large offering of buffets for weddings, parties, funerals and other gatherings. All menus are open to modification to suit individual customer requirements, when ordering for numbers over 50 bespoke menus can be discussed. Vegetarian and gluten free options can also be included.